Q - I'm looking for a particular model. Can you help me find magazine appearances of her?
A - If you do not find your favorite girl listed, drop us a line. There's a good chance we have magazines lined up to be listed on the site. Always try the various aliases you know and spelling variations (for example Claire/Clare, Tracey/Tracy/Traci).

Q - When I check out using the shopping cart, I only get IBAN as a payment option. That's it?
A - Other methods of payment are possible, you do not need to select a payment option before placing your order.

Q - Can you send me some pics from inside the magazine?
A - Sorry, no. We'd be happy to give you a short description of the setting and outfit though.

Q - I can't find the title I'm looking for.
A - The magazine might be a special edition by a more common title. In some instances we have grouped different publications under the publisher's name, for instance in the case of Parliament and Orion, because titles were numerous and runs were short.

Q - eBay warned me never to buy from strange men. In the words of the dentist from 'Marathon Man': is it safe?
A - Buying and selling online is all about trust. We will never give any information to third parties or overflow your mailbox with spam. Your items will always be send securely wrapped. If something is not to your liking simply drop us a line and we'll work it out.
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